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Moto Hagio Publishes Memoir Addressing Her Feud With Keiko Takemiya

posted on by Kim Morrissy
The two legendary shojo manga artists were once friends who experienced a major falling out in the 1970s

Manga creator Moto Hagio published a memoir titled Ichido Kiri no Ōizumi no Hanashi (A One-Time Story About Ōizumi) on April 22. The book tells of Hagio's experiences living in Ōizumi in Tokyo's Nerima Ward from 1970 to 1972, a period in which a number of legendary shojo manga creators lived together in a housing complex. It describes Hagio's encounters with other artists, as well as how they parted ways. It is the manga creator's first time sharing her story about her difficult relationship with fellow shojo manga creator Keiko Takemiya.

Takemiya previously shared details about her relationship with Moto Hagio in her memoirs, published in February 2016 and March 2021. In her most recent book, Takemiya wrote that she was jealous of Hagio, and that she suffered from poor mental health and an inferiority complex. Meanwhile, Hagio's memoir tells of how she felt betrayed when Takemiya spoke of how she wanted to create distance between the two of them, while also addressing accusations that she plagiarized Takemiya. The two cut ties in 1973; Hagio states plainly that she has no intention of seeing Takemiya again.

Furthermore, Hagio downplays her role in the establishment of the shōnen-ai genre, claiming that she did not understand shōnen-ai when she created The Heart of Thomas. She claims that it was really Takemiya who pioneered the genre and expresses her wish not to be grouped together. Shōnen-ai is a term used to describe a genre of shojo manga in the 1970s focusing on romance between boys. It is considered a precursor to the boys-love genre.

Hagio writes that she has no intention of revisiting this topic, and will not accept any interviews regarding her memoirs. "With the conclusion of this writing, I intend to seal my memories in permafrost once again. I hope that I will never again have to dig up this past that I have buried."

Hagio is considered a pioneer of shōjo and shōnen-ai manga, and her works helped establish conventions of these and other fields. Hagio's They Were Eleven, A Drunken Dream and Other Stories, A,A', The Heart of Thomas, Otherworld Barbara, and The Poe Clan manga have English releases. Her Lil' Leo manga has an English release planned.

Source: Press Release

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