Educational Magazine Gives Kids Tools to Make Their Own Copying Toast from Doraemon

posted on by Kim Morrissy

In the Doraemon anime and manga series, the Copying Toast is one of Doraemon's most iconic gadgets. It allows people to memorize anything printed on a piece of toast by eating it.

Shogakukan's educational magazine Shо̄gaku Ichinensei (First-Year Elementary School Student) is offering kids the opportunity to make their own Copying Toast. The "Doraemon: Copying Toast DX (Deluxe)", which comes attached with the magazine's July issue, is a set of stamps that can be used on toast. It includes the Japanese hiragana characters, the Arabic numerals, and the equation symbol.

It also comes with a stencil sheet featuring Doraemon and Dorami's faces, as well as the series logo, which can be used to create coffee art, and so on.

The issue shipped in Japan on June 1.

Source: Comic Natalie, Images via Shogakukan Kids

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