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Toby Fox Reacts To Sans Undertale's Win Against Reigen As Ultimate Tumblr Sexyman

posted on by Kim Morrissy
The Undertale creator had quite a tale to tell...

An informal Twitter poll to determine who is the "Ultimate Tumblr Sexyman" took the Internet by storm on Wednesday. The finals came down to Sans Undertale from Undertale versus Reigen Arataka from Mob Psycho 100. The poll received over 244,000 votes, and Sans won by a hair. The internet went wild.

Then Toby Fox, of all people, reacted.

His response? An elaborate short story. Full of twists and turns and an impeccable sense of humor, this masterful fanfiction by Undertale's creator himself captures the spirit of both his own game and Mob Psycho 100. According to him, Sans won by doing literally nothing, while Reigen cheated his way to the finals, only to come against the hard truth that Tumblr is not into conventionally attractive men. Reigen regains his lost confidence thanks to a wholesome pep talk from Mob, only to be betrayed when Mob voted for Sans in the end.

What a beautiful day to be on the Internet.

Source: Toby Fox's Twitter account

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