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Hatsune Miku x Crayon Shin-chan Collaboration — It Exists

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
It's family friendly.

In April 1992, Japanese airwaves were hit with an anime “unbecoming” of the culture. That series was none other than Crayon Shin-chan. In its early years, it was seen as crass and lowbrow (akin to The Simpsons when it first aired). But over 30 years later, the series is going strong as a quintessential family anime. And now, Crayon Shin-chan is partnering with Japan's national idol, Hatsune Miku, for a fun little collaboration.

Image via www.curioustore.net

The collaboration surprisingly wasn't announced on either Crayon Shin-chan or Hatsune Miku's official X (formerly Twitter) accounts, but rather on the CURIOUSTORE X/Twitter account on April 5. While the post doesn't have much detail, CURIOUSTORE's homepage does.

🎉Embargo lifted🎉
"Crayon Shin-chan x Hatsune Miku" collaboration has been realized!
The first round of collaboration goods are now on sale👏👏

https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000004.000101793.html @PRTIMES_JP

According to the CURIOUSTORE homepage, the Crayon Shin-chan and Hastune Miku collaboration will include acrylic heart-shaped key holders, acrylic stands, pin badges, a clear file folder, a seven-card postcard set, and stickers. The items feature parings of Shinosuke Nohara with Miku, Masao Sato with Rin, Bo Suzuki with Ren, Ai Saotome with Ruka, Nene Sakurada with Meiko, and Toru Kazama with Kaito — all in the distinctive style of Crayon Shin-chan designs.

The items range in price from 440 yen to 1,650 yen (about US$2.90 to US$10.90). Unfortunately, there is a limit to the number of individual items you can order through CURIOUSTORE. As in, if you wish to order a Shin-cha/Miku pin and a Kazama/Kaito pin, you can order up to three of each. The CURIOUSTORE does not ship overseas, too.

The items are also available through the Futabasha store without order restrictions, but they also do not ship overseas. If you're looking for in-store purchases, the items will be available at participating Cinema Parade stores (Sunshine City, Daimaru Umeda, and New Chisato Airport) and in a popup store at the Lazona Kawasaki Plaza.

A second part of the collaboration is slated to begin later in April. However, details about the items have not been released as of the writing of this article.

Sources: CURIOUSTORE's X/Twitter account & website, Futabasha, Anime! Anime!

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