Animate! Ohio State and Killer Nuts Anime announce joint venture

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Derik Vecchio announced that Animate! Ohio State has worked a deal with fansub group Killer Nuts Anime to publicly distribute their titles. "It took us a long time to work out the nitty-gritties, but we are finally there," Mr. Vecchio said in a public statement.

Animate!, which did not have the resources to subtitle their own titles, will be provided with master copies from KNA, that has subtitled such anime as Future Boy Conan and Ozanari Dungeon. In addition to distribution, Animate is also offering use of its meetings to premiere new projects.

"If you are a club, and you can find at least two VCR's amongst your membership, then you should be helping to spread the word about anime. Find a subber and offer to help them out," Vecchio said in a controversial conclusion, as many distributors have ceased operations in recent months due to overload on its abilities. "Most clubs have lots of people coming to them and so have lots of manpower - especially for the fairly uncomplicated task of making copies."

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