Changes made to Pioneer's DVD Tenchi OAV box

posted on 1999-03-09 00:00 EST

In a press release on Friday, Pioneer made some changes in the announcement of its Tenchi Muyo! OAV boxed set on DVD, set to be released later this month.

The biggest change in the box is that the original Japanese 2.0 channel audio track will be eliminated. The track was going to accompany the English 2.0 track and the new Japanese 5.1 AC-3 audio track, but the additional disc space and signal bandwidth that the track used meant that the video had to be compressed more -- and the resulting picture was not as good as it could be. (In fact, the THX certification was in danger.)

Additionally, the first 3,000 shipments of the set will have a gold foil plaque. This plaque was originally to be real 24 ct. gold, but gold-colored foil will be used instead. (Obivously, this is due to cost issues.)

The boxed set will contain all 13 original OAV episodes of the series (This does NOT include the Mihoshi Special), encompassing 420 minutes of anime total on two discs, plus a third disc containing the Tenchi Muyo Encyclopedia 3.0, which will have information on the new Tenchi Muyo movie coming out in Japan this spring.

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