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A petition has been started at[email protected]$2 to have Central Park Media replace the flaky Slayers DVDs.

The petition statement reads:

This petition has been created to convince Central Park Media to correct the audio problems with their Slayers DVD box set, as well as, offer a swap out program for those who have already purchased the set.

The problems exist on the Japanese language track and are apparently caused by one of the channels being phase inverted. This causes numerous issues, including: low volume, audio being sent to the rear speakers, spacey/directionless sound, and others depending on your setup.

Another Petition we have recently been informed of regard Tenchi Muyo. The petition aims to convince Pioneer and AIC to produce a 3rd Tenchi OVA series which would bring closure to many of the issues of Tenchi Muyo.

The petition statement can be read and signed here.

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