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Tenchi Finger Puppets

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Taku Otsuka of Pioneer posted a message on the Anime on DVD forum today regarding teh fact that some people did not receive finger puppets as expected with their copies of the 3rd Tenchi Universe DVD.

We have received some emails from consumers about not receiving finger puppets with their Tenchi Universe 3 DVD. I believe there was been people on this forum that have said the same also.

The preorders for volume 3 exceeded our initial predictions for sales of this DVD series and not enough finger puppets were printed. For volumes 1 & 2 there were enough finger puppets to cover preorders. Any retailer that received Tenchi Universe DVD's from the initial production should have received finger puppets. But for volume 3, the preorders exceeded the number of finger puppets we printed. There were some DVD's produced in the initial run that were not packaged with finger puppets.

I would like to comment on volume 4 finger puppets but not all preorders are in. So I do not have a clear picture of the situation yet.

The finger puppets are a limited promotional item and they all have been printed in advance. There are no current plans to reprint more.

I am sorry that we can not guarantee that you will receive a set of finger puppets with your Tenchi Universe DVD purchase. I can only recommend that you preorder your DVD with your favorite retailer known to have product in stock by the street date.

Your feedback on this subject is welcome and I hope to have a solution that is amicable to all.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and thank all our customers for their continuing support. If there are any future announcements about this issue, they will be posted here on this forum.

Taku Otsuka
Tenchi Universe DVD Producer (since vol 4)
Pioneer Entertainment (USA) L.P.

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