Fanboy to publish Silent Möbius Prequel

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After dropping a few hints over the past month Fanboy Entertainment has officially announced that beginning in January 2001 it will be publishing Kia Asamiya's Mobius Klein, the prequel to the hit Anime and Manga series Silent Mobius.

In order to avoid common reprinted Manga problems such as moray patterns, dark reproduction, and blurred screentones and to help insure near perfect print quality, Mr. Asamiya will be allowing Fanboy access to his original Möbius Klein artwork. “This is a great step in the right direction for Manga reproduction in my opinion.”, Cebulski commented. “I have complained endlessly in the past about poor print quality due to the fact that inadequate source material is usually never provided. We're honored Mr. Asamiya is allowing us to use his original artwork to create the English language versions of Möbius Klein. We will now be able to reproduce his detailed lines and intricate screentone work exactly as it was seen in the original Japanese versions. No more muddy panels and blurred lines like some of his past works have suffered here. I think the fans will be happy with what they see.”

The eight issue miniseries introduces Gigelf Liquer, Katsumi's father and magician extraordinaire, and explains many of the mysteries of the world of Silent Mobius.

“Over the years, as the Silent Möbius story and world expanded, fans always had questions about the pasts of certain characters, settings and plot points. With each issue, the mysteries grew and I knew I had to one day go back and explain some of the back story to make the present storyline coherent.”, explained Mr. Asamiya. “With the Silent Möbius Manga continuing monthly from Viz and the anime series now being released in English from Bandai, I felt now was the perfect time to have Möbius Klein, the Silent Möbius prequel, translated and published in English.”, he continued. “With Fanboy's belief in quality and their commitment to upholding the integrity of the original story and art, I was more than happy to work with them to help bring Möbius Klein to the international English audiences. Hopefully now more of Silent Möbius will start making sense.”, he joked.

Möbius Klein will be an eight issue mini-series beginning in January 2001, Each issue will be black and white, 32 pages in length and cost $2.95.

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