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Software Sculptors Responds to Slayers DVD Audio Problems

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Quoted from the Software Sculptors webpage:


Dear Slayers Fans:
Many of you have been following the situation regarding the audio problems on the Japanese language track of "The Slayers DVD Collection". As previously announced, we have determined that an inadvertent phase inversion of the Japanese tracks during the pre-authoring mastering stage was the cause of the problems.

The issue has been top priority here at Central Park Media since it was discovered, and we have been looking into the possibility of remastering the DVD boxed set to include repaired Japanese audio, and then offering existing The Slayers DVD customers the opportunity to upgrade to the new version. We've been busy crunching numbers and taking all of the mail we've received into consideration.

Right now, our staff is already working very hard to produce new DVD's that fans have been asking for, and our schedule is so tight that the earliest we could ship the replacement discs would be spring or summer of next year. We can't make any announcements on the matter, but for those who would like to be contacted if and when the ball starts rolling, we are establishing a registration form on our website that will allow us to contact you in the event that we announce a remastering.

We realize that many fans are disappointed because the boxed set did not meet their expectations. And for that, we must apologize. We work very hard to make sure our products are of the highest quality, but this particular problem was one we were not equipped to handle. While we have implemented new steps to ensure that this does not happen with future releases, that doesn't excuse the fact that this product has an error that we were unable to catch.

So while we're still not able to commit to a re-release at this time, we WOULD like to announce a special offer: Anybody who has purchased The Slayers DVD Collection is eligible to get the original Japanese version with English subtitles on videocassette -- all eight volumes -- for the ridiculously low price of $20, including shipping and handling. At over 85% off retail, that's about as cheap as buying BLANK tapes!

We realize that most DVD fans would sooner stand down wind of a Dragonslave than add another eight video tapes to their collection. But to those who are big enough Slayers fans to want perfect copies of every single episode in their original Japanese form, for now you won't find a better opportunity. And to those that aren't, the entire collection could make one of your friends very happy this holiday season.

While this isn't a solution for the error, or even a suitable substitute for a corrected DVD set, we hope that this unique opportunity will help you or someone you love enjoy the series a bit more than you were able before.

For more information on the offer, click here.

Again, we deeply regret any inconvenience this situation has caused, and we would like to offer our deepest thanks to everyone for your understanding and support.


Justin Sevakis
Production Dept., Central Park Media

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