Slayers TV series Missing footage

posted on 2000-11-03 00:04 EST

When the Slayers TV series was first released on VHS a while back a 1 minute scene was cut from the end of the first episode. This cut was apparently made in error and not an issue of censorship or intentional editing. The error however made it's way onto the DVD box se that was recently released (the same one with the audio problems).

A petition was organized on 123petitions which can be read an signed here. Although the petition not yet even reached 700 signatures it would seem that CPM has been listening to fans requests; Justin Sevakis of CPM posted this announcement on the Anime on DVD forum:

"We are aware of the missing footage in the last episode in The Slayers DVD Collection. This issue occurred while the original English dub was being made.

At this time, we are planning to offer this missing scene in subtitled form (since no dub was made) as an extra on the forthcoming The Slayers Try DVD Collection. Please look for it in 2001."

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