Dallas Prosecutors drop one Obscenity charge from Manga Sale

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After a long legal battle, Dallas procesutors have dropped one of two obscenity charges against a 21 year old comic shop clerk steming from the sale of two Hentai manga. The two Manga, Demon Beast Invasion: The Fallen #2 and Legend of the Overfiend, were sold to adults, in this case a PTA father and a 45 year old police officer.

Despite the sale to adults, and the fact that both comics were clearly labelled "Absolutely Not for Children", the prosecution has stood by its point of view that comics are a medium strictly for children, "You know in your hearts that this is a format designed to appeal to children" claimed the the prosecuting attorney in her summation.

"This shouldn't even be about children," said Chris Bleistein, deputy director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which is representing the store. "There's no question that these books were never sold to children. But the state maintains that they are harmful to adults and that they have absolutely no redeeming value."

This leaves the store clerk and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which is providing his legal defence, only one charge to appeal.

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