Anime TV Net Broadcast

posted on 2001-01-03 12:13 EST
A Manhattan-based Anime TV show to be shown all over the world!

We have recieved word that a Anime-based TV show (entitled "Anime TV", or "ATV") from Manhattan, will be broadcast over the Internet as well as on Manhattan Cable Channel 34.

Go to on Friday at 11:30PM Eastern Standard Time (8:30PM Pacific Standard Time) and you will be able to catch the live broadcast of "Anime TV".

You must have QuickTime in order to view the broadcast.

Here is an excerpt from the original e-mail, sent to multiple mailing lists:

Hey all!!

This is the producer/Host of Anime TV, a public access TV show about Japanese Animation and Japanese Music that airs on Manhattan's cable access network, MNN. Due to a scheduling mistake, the episode of
Anime TV that was supposed to be aired last Saturday, at 9:30 PM on Time warner channel 57, will be aired at 11:30 PM on T. W. channel 34!! So now your asking yourself, "What does that have to do with me? I don't live in Manhattan!!" here is where the reason I'm sending this email out to all of you comes into play! Currently MNN does live web cast of one of their channels, and guess which channel it is ??? YUP you guest it! Channel 34!! SOOOOOO this Friday night at 11:30 PM if you go to you will
be able to watch AnimeTV as its web cast for the first (and possibly only) time to the entire world!!!! Although it may not be the best EP of ATV it will be the best chance you have to watch it. So clear up your schedules and get ready to watch ATV this Friday!!! I hope you see me then ^_^;;


Thanks goes to our reader, koulikom, for forwarding this information to us first.

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