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Bandai future releases

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A lot of titles, new and old. Lot's of Gundam!

Bandai announced today a good number of releases for the coming months. These are the highlights:

Gundam Wing: The Movie - SPECIAL DVD - February 6th
Saber Marionette J - DVD COLLECTION 1 - February 13th
Crest of the Stars - DVD 1 - March 6th
Angel Links - DVD 1 - April 17th
Dark Soldier D (Live action) - DVD - April 17th
Big O - DVD 1 - June 19th
Gundam MS08th - DVD 1 - July 3rd
Mobile Suit Gundam TV dub)- DVD 1 - August 7th
Gundam 0083 - DVD 1 - September 4th
Gundam 0080 - DVD 1 - October 2nd
Pilot Candidate (Candidate for Goddess)- DVD 1 - November 6th

Other excerpts from the press release:

Bandai Entertainment makes every attempt to service the fan community with bilingual DVDs whenever possible, in order to give the viewer the choice of language to watch.

A special DVD containing the TV movie version (all 4 OVAs edited into one movie) in English DD 2.0 for Blue Submarine No. 6 will be made available in April. The uncut version of Blue Submarine No. 6 in DD 5.1 Japanese and DD 2.0 English will still be available on their four discs as released last year, for anime collectors who desire the complete uncensored OVAs.

Mobile Suit Gundam, the original TV series that started the Gundam Saga, will be made available in the United States in English language DVD and VHS formats.

A TV-version English language DVD of Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz will be sold in April. Please note that this is a different DVD than Gundam Wing: The Movie Special Edition DVD that will be released in February. The TV-version will retail for $19.98, while the Special Edition Bilingual DVD with Extras will retail for $29.98.

A Cowboy Bebop Perfect Collection DVD Boxset is scheduled for November, with a suggested retail price of $199.98. This is a higher price than if one purchased the DVDs individually, but the DVDs come in a nice box, with other premium incentives being looked into. For our customers who already purchased the DVDs individually, or just want something to store stuff in, we are looking into making available empty DVD boxes. Please check the AnimeVillage.com website for updates on this issue and possible prices.

The full press release can be read here.

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