Fox to cancel kids broadcasting?

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Article forecasts the possible demise of Fox Kids if other alternatives to improve ratings are not found

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Source: Media Week

A lengthy and detailed article at Media Week states that the Fox Network, faced with declining ratings for its weekday-afternoon kids programming, will present several alternatives for the struggling block to its local station affiliates at their meeting later this month in Las Vegas. Fox is expected to agree to its affiliates' desire to push the kids shows back from 3-5 p.m. to 2-4 p.m., giving stations an opportunity to select more adult-friendly lead-in programming for their evening news programs. But Fox is also contemplating a much more drastic move - eliminating its kids programming entirely.

According to the article Fox's weekday-afternoon kids programming ratings are down 27 percent this season among kids 6-to-11, to an average 1.6 rating/10 share, from a 2.2/14 last season, according to Niesen Media Research. Fox's kids 2- 5 numbers are down 18 percent, to a 1.3/7, and kids 2-11 are down 25 percent, to a 1.5/9. Fox's highest-rated weekday kids' show, Digimon: Digital Monsters, is down 23 percent this season among kids 2-11, to a 2.0. Digimon is down 25 percent in 6-11, to a 2.3 rating. Fox's Power Rangers is off 27 percent in 6-11, to a 1.6.

Cartoon Network is up across all three demo groups, from a 1.1 to a 1.5 among kids 2-11, from a 1.4 to a 1.8 in 2-5, and to a 1.3 from a 1.0 among kids 6-11. But Brad Agate, research vp for Horizon Media, points out that much of the Cartoon ratings increase can be attributed to an increase in the network's subscriber base. Cartoon has added 8.3 million new subscribers since last season, while Nickelodeon has added 2.9 million.

The entire article, which quotes several more sources and gives details for other broadcasters, can be read here.

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