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Digital Manga Inc. expands Studio Pierrot's English Website to include translations of Japanese site news

Digital Manga and Studio Pierrot have launched a new English-langauge Anime news website, to cover all the latest Studio Pierrot news. To celebrate their launch, is giving away calendars. Entry directions are available on their website.

Excerpted from the Press Release:
Studio Pierrot official English news site to be launched by Digital Manga, Inc.

Los Angeles, Ca- In a joint effort, Studio Pierrot and Digital Manga, Inc. are expanding Studio Pierrot�$B!G�(Bs already existing English language site by launching an English news site ( The new site will have English translations of Studio Pierrot�$B!G�(Bs news items that are on their Japanese language site and will also have information on Pierrot�$B!G�(Bs news in the United States. The site is set to launch January 30, 2001.

Last July at Anime Expo in Anaheim, Studio Pierrot and Digital Manga, Inc. officially announced their partnership. Digital Manga, Inc. will be translating and hosting the news site and working with Studio Pierrot to complete the English language version of Pierrot�$B!G�(Bs website. This is just the beginning of various joint projects that Studio Pierrot and Digital Manga, Inc. will be working on.

Studio Pierrot has been a leading Japanese anime studio for over 20 years. Some of their works include, �$B!H�(BUrusei Yatsura,�$B!I�(B �$B!H�(BThe Wonderful Adventures of Nils,�$B!I�(B �$B!H�(BYu Yu Hakusho,�$B!I�(B �$B!H�(BNeoranga,�$B!I�(B
�$B!I�(BFushigi Yuugi,�$B!I�(B �$B!H�(BGTO�$B!I�(B and many others.

Digital Manga, Inc. is a Los Angeles based entertainment company with the goal to bring Japanese animation and manga to the mainstream US market. In order to achieve this goal they have partnered up with Studio Pierrot. The English language version website is just the first of many exciting collaborations. Keep an eye out for more Studio Pierrot/Digital Manga, Inc. projects in the future.

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