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Cartoon Network News

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Gundam Wing Back, Rising Sun gone.

It's official, according to the online Cartoon Network Schedules the edited Gundam Wing will be coming back on March 12th.

4:00 PM - Sailor Moon
4:30 PM - Gundam Wing (Edited)
5:00 PM - Dragon Ball Z
5:30 PM - Outlaw Star
6:00 PM - Tenchi
6:30 PM - Superman

Gundam Wing is going to air from Monday, March 2 till Thursday, May 31, and then Cartoon Network is going to air Mobile Suit Gundam on either Friday, June 1 or Monday, June 4.

In other Toonami news, it seems that Cartoon Network is going to cancel its 2-hour Rising Sun block on Saturdays. Saturday, March 3 may be the last day we will ever see it, so be sure to enjoy it while you still can.

Than you to "Finch Familly" for pinting this news out to us.

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