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Excel Saga spoof of magical girl shows

Source: UMJAMS Anime News

According to a post on the Excel Saga mailling list the new spinoff, "Puni Puni Poemi" is "Excel Saga - Ten Years later".

Poemi Chan is the daughter of the main characters of Excel Saga, Nabeshin and Kumi-Kumi. She's also the spitting image of chibi-Excel, which means that she looks just like Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura. The other main character of the film are Poemi's best friend "Futaba" and her familly. Futaba happens to be the spitting image of chibi-Hyatt, making her a mirror image of Tomoyo from CCS. Futaba and her sisters are the "EDF", Earth Defense Familly.

Keeping in line with the CCS/Magical Girl theme, Poemi herself eventually becomes a Magical Girl by... finding a magical fish, killing it with a kitchen knife and making herself a henshin wand with the fishbone.

The author of the post admits that there may be mistakes in the translatting from the original Japanese post which can be found here. There are also pictures from the series.

The cast has some big names in it:

- Kobayashi Yumiko is Poemi.
- Imai Yuka (Wakaba in SKU) is Futaba.
- Hisakawa Aya is Nanase.
- Kawakami Tomoko (Utena in SKU) is the second EDF sister.
- Mitsuishi Kotono is Itsue.

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