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This Wednesday, hosts an online chat with Goku's Voice Actor. However, seating is limited to 100 users.

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This Wednesday between 6:00pm and 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time, launches a new (anicipated) weekly feature; online chats with Dragon Ball Z Voice Actors!

This week, Sean Schemmel, voice of Goku, will discuss fans comments and questions. A bit of caution, however, the site is letting a mere 100 users access their chatroom to talk to Goku. Future chats may allow larger numbers.

Quoting from the Press Release:
The long awaited chat with Sean Schemmel, voice of Goku, is here. Wednesday March 14, 2001 we will run our first live chat with Schemmel. Since this chat is our first this will also be a test. Please pay close attention to the chat rules. Only 100 simultaneous users will be allowed in the room. We apologize more people will not be able to get into the room.

We want to keep the numbers low for the first time to
ensure success. If all goes well with this chat we will allow up to 500 people in the room next time. If that goes well we may allow even more later. (We are tentatively planning on having a chat each week with different actors from the show). The chat will run from 6:00pm - 7:30pm eastern standard time. Each person in the room will be allowed to ask 3 questions (pace yourselves). Because of time, constraints the questions will be sorted by a monitor.

Schemmel will respond to as many questions as possible in the time allotted, so please make your questions count.

We do not anticipate any problems with the chat, however, if one should arise, we will keep you updated. We look forward to a fun time!

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