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AnimEigo Website Down

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Due to sudden bankruptcy, the Service Provider for the AnimEigo website has shut down. A temporary page containing a message for people wishing to contact AnimEigo has been posted to the front page of the AE site.

Excerpting from the AnimEigo Website message:
Our high-speed internet connection has been interrupted due to the bankruptcy of our ISP, and we are currently having to use a dial-up connection to maintain connectivity. We are working to get a new connection installed, but this process takes time, and it may be a week or two until it goes live. Until then, life is "interesting" to say the least!

AnimEigo.com Status:

Because our bandwidth is extremely limited, we have taken down the AnimEigo website, chat room and mailing lists to ensure that we can maintain email and other essential services.

If you are visiting to place an order, please call 1-800-24-ANIME from 9-4PM ET and we'll do it that way.

If you are trying to sign up for the Macross Box Set, please email us (notify at animeigo.com?SUBJECT=MACROSS) with your name. and telephone number and we'll add you to the database.

Currently our email connectivity is a little sporadic, so please don't worry too much if it takes us a bit longer than usual to reply to you.

SelfPromotion.com Status:

Until I get a better handle on the bandwidth congestion, I've shut down Tooter and the Secret Net Tools. You can still log into your account but can't do any promotions. All the tutorials are available. Also, if you do something that would have caused an email to be sent, it won't actually be sent. If you got to this page from a SelfPromotion.com page, it's probably because that part of the site is down. If this seems like an error (in other words, that part of the site really ought to be up) please let me know.

Robert Woodhead (trebor at animeigo.com), WebSlave, AnimEigo and SelfPromotion.com

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