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Two DB sites call it quits, others experience downtime...

Source: Planet Namek

After the recent debacle with VegettoEX and Temple of Trunks come two more site closings.

The first, Dragon World, has shut down after 7 years of uptime. The page has been replaced with this message:

"The Dragon World is down permanently. It's been almost 7 years since I first brought up the site, but all good things must come to and end, and I don't really care about Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z any more and haven't updated the site in years anyway.

Thanks to everyone who supported the site over the years. It's been real! If you'd like to see the information that was here, I suggest you go to one of the many fine sites and/or guide books that plagiarized the info here. <sic>

The second, DB3K has caved to financial concerns and shut down.

Excerpted from the Planet Namek Community News:
"Many of you are now probably wondering "why?" we are closing down. Simply put, it's mainly because of money issues. As I have stated in previous updates, internet advertising has become a proverbial crap hole. CPM's used to get as high as $6, now any site is extremely lucky to get $1. This has ben tearing apart many sites, not just mine. Costs to maintain a site have simply surpassed revenue brought in."

Sites such as DBZUncensored have been experiencing downtime; apparently Terrashare has implemented a maximum daily transfer limit and is regularly disabled late in the day.

Finally, Ginga Giri Giri is down due to server problems.

Editor's Comment: Anime News Network is not going to end up another page in the history of Anime web pages. Even if it means operating at a loss, this site is here to stay.

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