Toonami To Lose One Hour

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As Saiyanz Rage first reported several days ago, Toonami is indeed losing 1 hour of broadcast time...

Sources: Saiyanz Rage, CNX Toonami Revolution

Several days ago, the Cartoon Network Schedule page showed a loss of 1 hour of Toonami. Today, CNX confirmed that Toonami will, indeed, be cut to two hours.

No firm reasons were given, but CNX states that "...Jamie Kellner, the new CEO of Turner Broadcasting did have some new mandates created for the blocks..." as well as certain portions of the Toonami block doing well, while other portions not doing so good.

According to the latest information we have recieved from Saiyanz Rage, the Toonami schedule on weekdays starting May 14th, 2001, will look like this (all times EST):
5:00 PM - Superman
5:30 PM - Tenchi Muyo!
6:00 PM - Dragon Ball Z
6:30 PM - Dragon Ball Z

While the Toonami Midnight Run will look like this:
12:00 PM - Dragon Ball Z
12:30 PM - Dragon Ball Z

For the first time since it's arrival on Toonami, Dragon Ball Z has left the 5:00pm timeslot. It is also unknown at this time how Mobile Suit Gundam, Pilot Candidate (Candidate for Goddess), or Dragon Ball will fit into these changes.

Expect more information as soon as we get it!

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