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Uncensored re-prints of Dragon Ball volume 1 are on the way soon, and volumes 2 & 3 to follow.

Source: Planet Namek

Jason Thomas of Viz has made the following comments regarding re-prints of the first three volumes of Dragonball.

I want you to know that I am putting together the uncensored DB v.1 right now to send to the printer next week. If all goes well, they will be available before the end of June. No additional press release fanfare or anything... we're just going to start sending them to stores & customers instead of the old censored ones, which will be out of print. After this I'll put the uncensored v.2 and 3 together. I know it's taken long enough, but it's definitely, finally happening!

When ANN last spoke to Viz in March, they weren't sure when, or even if these volumes would be re-printed in an unedited format. It's truly a good day for fans of the DB manga.

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