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Gainax embarks on two new series: Abeno Bridge Magical Shopping Mall, Mahoromatic, and a new RPG: Melody in Oblivion

Tsubasa has graciously provided translations from the Gainax website:

Abeno Bridge Magical Shopping Mall, Mahoromatic

GAINAX introduces their new anime programs for this summer!

In the New Type Magazine for July (released in June 10th), GAINAX introduced two great anime projects! Their titles are "Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai (Abeno Bridge Magical Shopping Mall)" and "Mahoromatic"!

Hiroyuki Yamaga, as our director, has lurked for 14 years since his last great work, "The Wings of Honneamise". However, he will be back, with more new ideas!

Please stay tuned for upcoming information!

In "Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai", Mr. Yamaga tries his first comedy! Satoru Akahori (playwright), Kenji Tsuruta (Character base design), and Tadashi Hiramatsu (Director for drawing) will also support him-
Yeah, we're not kidding! Now we can't imagine what will happen to the anime, so please don't miss it!

"Mahoromatic" is a bit romantic Sci-Fi comedy based on a very popular manga runs in "Comic Gum", as we introduced before. How Mr. Yamaga will deal with this work to make the animation?

"Mahoromatic" will be aired on BS-i in this fall.

For the detailed Staffs and Casts, please check out: (Japanese Only)

Melody in Oblivion

And, at last, we've revealed the big suprise project! GAINAX is now starting to work for a large-scale Role Playing Game.

The title of GAINAX for the Role Playing Game is called, "Boukyaku no Senritsu" (The Melody In Oblivion)!!

The director is Mariko Kan, who is famous as a director of "Yukai na nakama tachi" ("The Joyful Bunch")

We saw some image sketches, and design ideas for the figures, as we listened to Ms. Kan and Mr. Mitsuo Iwata chat.

The whole atmosphere is very different from typical Fantasy RPGs, and the story focuses on "healing", and the brand-new gaming system in which "sounds" are important.

(Besides the shocking revelation, Mr. Iwata continued some naughty topics like "Excuse me Ms. Kan but, I wonder how large bra you are wearing". Ms. Kan responded "Oh, I wear E-cup, although I wore F sometime ago."....)

It's a great challenge for all of GAINAX, "The Melody In Oblivion".

I'm sure you will not miss it!!

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