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Media Blasters at AX

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Berserk Licenced! Ton's more titles announced.

Perhaps one of the biggest announcements at Anime Expo this year came from Media Blasters today. Only a few hours after Urban Vision had announced that they were still negotiating for Berserk, Media Blasters announced that they had in fact acquired Berserk over the course of the past week; contract signed. While Media Blasters has not publicized the amount that they paid for Berserk they made it clear that it was a very sizeable sum. Speculation is that Media Blasters paid at least half a million dollars for the rights, with production and dubbing costs added to the licensing fee, Media Blasters will have to sell huge amounts of each volume, it seems that top ten sales would be required just to break even. DVD rights, which were apparently a stumbling block for Urban Vision, have been acquired along with the VHS rights.

Other titles announced as recently acquired, or about to be released include:

Ys Volumes 1 & 2
Level C
Gokudo-kunManyuki, renamed "Gokudo-Swordman Extraordinaire"
Weiz Kreuz, which has been renamed to “Night Hunters” and starts in October
Kurogae Communications
Fortune Quest
Mezzo Forte (Coming out in November in edited and uncut formats)

Mahou Tsuki Tai (Magic Users Club) TV series starts in September.
Devasday, a new 3 part OVA series from AIC.

They stated that they also have two more titles, which they would be announcing very shortly, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. As well as many more titles that they will be announcing in the coming months.

On the side of their adult label, Kitty, they did not name specific titles but said that Kitty has tons of new titles and that “Kitty keeps on banging away.”

While discussing Mezzo Forte, which comes to us from the same creator as Kite, they did mention a rumored sequel to Kite that may be in the works.

On the side of Kenshin, they announced that they have acquired all the Kenshin specials and “best fights” and will continue to release Kenshin at a rate of 1 volume per month.

The first volume of the Mahou Tsuki Tai TV series will be labeled at Magic Users Club Volume 4, which is reasonable considering that the TV series starts off the day after the OVA series ended. They also mentioned that the clear cases will not be used on any more volumes of MTT.

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