Anime Expo 2001 Auction and Closing Ceremonies

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Highlights of the Anime Expo 2001 charity Auction and closing Ceremonies.

This year's charity auction at Anime Expo was another great Success, raising approximately $53 000, just a bit short of last year's $55 000. As with every year since 1994, all proceeds from the auction go to the City of Hope.

Highlights of this years auction include a large number of cels donated by AIC, most notable of which were Tenchi Muyo and Aa! Megami Sama cels, including one of Keichi and the three goddesses that went for $1300; and original, signed art boards by the guests of honor, including one of Belldandy and her angel, Holy Bell, from the Aa! Megami Sama movie, drawn and signed by Hidenori Matsubara that went for $10 000.

Shortly after the auction finished the closing ceremonies commenced. Once again the Guests of Honor were introduced by the ditsy CG girl and took their places on stage. Toshihiro Kawamoto and Noburo Ishiguro were both present this time, however Kikuko Inoue and Yu Watase were unable to attend the closing ceremonies. Each guest of honor expressed their pleasure and thanked the attendees for their enthusiasm.

John Taylor once again took the stage to talk a bit about City of Hope and the support from AX. During the convention, one fan who was unable to afford anything at the auction suggested to John that they create some sort of donation system where fans can donate money and vote for their favorite Anime character at the same time. Due to the huge success of the charity auction over the years, the City of hope directors agreed to the idea and as of next year a wall at City of Hope will be put aside for Bronze plaques bearing the names of Anime characters that fans donate money in the name of… very interesting idea and a great tribute to Anime fans who have raised so much money for City of Hope over the years.

How much money?

In 1994 $3000 were donated to City of Hope from proceeds raised at Anime Expo, in 1995 that amount grew to $9440, and this year, a check for $113, 487 was unveiled, accounting for the proceeds from last year's charity auction and the donations from Pioneer and Banzai.

Taking over the world?

In 1992, the first Anime Expo drew 1200 attendees, this year's AX drew approximately 12 000, if the growth of AX continues at this rate, in 50 years 1.2 billion people will show up at AX! Obviously that isn't very realistic, but one thing that is for sure is that AX will continue to grow, and with an AX on each coast next year, things just keep on getting better for Anime Fans.

Is this the end of Anime News Network's AX'2001 coverage? Nope, our photo album full of pictures from AX should be online next week as well as excerpts from the Guest of Honor panels that will be posted on the site in the coming week.

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