Jonathan Clements expands on Manga UK

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Jonathan Clements has written us with some clarifying details about Manga Entertainment Limited of the UK

From an e-mail from Jonathan Clements:

"Just to clarify, Manga UK isn't dead. As I say, however, it is now little more than a logo on videos/DVDs released by Palm Pictures. What *is* dead is the time when the UK Manga Entertainment actively sought out Japanese material, dubbed it, in the UK, and exported it to the US. There was a time when it could be argued that Manga US was a subsidiary of Manga UK. Roles were reversed some time ago, and any Manga Entertainment anime released in the UK are now sourced, bought, translated, and dubbed by American staff, then distributed in the UK by Palm Pictures. The departure of Rod Shaile is merely a more obvious sign of this ongoing state of affairs."

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