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AnimEigo September and October PR

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AE sent out information about Urusei Yatsura TV Vol. 4 DVD, and the previously delayed Vampire Princess Miyu DVD Vol. 2 today..

Excerpted from the AnimEigo New Release Bulletin for September and October 2001 Releases:

Urusei Yatsura TV Series Volume 4 DVD
During a Hawaiian vacation, someone starts swiping the girl's swimsuits; Cherry and Sakura take a Hotel's "Full Course From Hell" "Free if you can eat it all" challenge; Mendou Shutaro, the richest boy in Japan, is transferred to Tomobiki High, and causes chaos when he runs for class president; Lum uses high-tech astrology to decide who is the best match for her: Ataru or Mendou; Benten and her fellow Chinese Gods of Luck have their annual End-of-Winter grudge match against Lum and the Oni; Benten comes back with a few friends to make Lum's life lousy; A mysterious teacher-for-hire arrives at the school, and he's going to clean up the class; and if you think Lum, Ataru and Mendou are bad, the first meeting of their mothers threatens to plunge the galaxy into war! Urusei Yatsura: It's Japanese for "Outrageously Funny!"

AV000-104 * Urusei Yatsura TV Series Volume 4 * DVD * 100 min * $24.95
Subtitled in English with Japanese Language * UPC 7-37187-00325-7
ISBN 1-56567-280-1 * Prebook 8/28/01 * Street 9/25/01

Vampire Princess Miyu Volume 2 DVD (Fragile Armor and Frozen Time)
When spiritualist Himiko continues her pursuit of Miyu, Princess of The Vampires, she does not have to look far. For Miyu comes to Himiko, and offers her a bargain -- the truth about herself, in return for Himiko's assistance in her battle against the demonic Shinma. Join us now for the conclusion of our journey into the Occult -- Japanese style! In "Fragile Armor," Himiko agrees to help Miyu defeat a ghastly armored monster. In return, Miyu tells the tale of how she met Larva, her silent companion. Later, Himiko learns of the tragic fate of a husband and wife. Meanwhile, a beautiful young man with a ghastly laugh circles and waits. Who is he? What is the secret of the Armor? And what of the Shinma? Can Himiko put the pieces of the puzzle together in time? In "Frozen Time," Himiko travels to Kamakura, a childhood home. There, she dreams of herself as a child, running in terror from a mysterious mansion. Now the mansion has a new tenant: Miyu. Miyu at last tells all -- of her discovery of her true nature after her first meeting with Larva, of the secret concealed by Miyu's parents, and of the night that Darkness and Shinma gathered together. And, finally, Himiko realizes what it is that has bound her destiny together with Miyu's...forever!

AV201-071 * Vampire Princess Miyu Volume 2 * 55 min * DVD * Dubbed in English
Subtitled in English with Japanese Language * $24.95
UPC 7-37187-00362-2 * ISBN 1-56567-313-1
Prebook 9/25/01 * Revised Street 10/23/01

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