Getter Robo DVD Problems

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David Williams posts regarding problems with the first Getter Robo DVD and asks for feedback

Source: Anime on DVD

The following was posted on Anime on DVD's Forum by David Williams of ADV:

As many know, I've been looking into some issues with the first volume of Getter Robo. There appears to be two different problems with volume 1 of Getter Robo:
1) some discs have the correct volume 1 outer label but inside have an insert and disc labeled "Transfiguration" which is volume 2.

2) some discs have a outer label, insert and disc label "Resurrection" for volume 1 but the disc content is really volume 2.

Not all volume 1 discs are bad, the problems are with a latter pressing. We are currently working to address these issues.

At this point I'd like to ask anyone who has received Getter Robo 1 and has the FIRST problem listed above (correct outer label but incorrect insert and disc) to please email me at dlw (at

Thank you for your patience.

David Williams
A.D.Vision, Inc.

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