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Otakon 2001 Report!

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Next Otakon announced, new licenses and releases, as well as upcoming plans and Music Video Contest results!

Otakon 2002: August 2-3-4, Baltimore Convention Center!

Although some companies had little new information to announce (This year, Anime Expo garnered the largest list of new acquisitions and release news) most companies had some new info to share with fans:

ADV Films

The New Kenshin OVAs are indeed real, and acquired by ADV Films. This series was supposed to be announced at Comiket, but was leaked a few days early. Thank you, Toriyama's World for the initial report.

Although ADV could not comment on the status of Noir, they said that everyone should be happy when the series does come out.

Although it hasn't even been fully translated yet, ADV is set to begin dubbing Excel Saga. There is still no release date set, but it's expected that the DVDs will be out soon after the translation and dub are complete.

Bandai Entertainment

Bandai Entertainment confirmed that Love Hina will be released in February. Love Hina DVD Volume 1 can be purchased alone, or with a collector's Love Hina DVD Box.

We also talked briefly with Jerry Chu, who mentioned that although Cowboy Bebop will be edited, that these edits will be taken seriously, and should be light. However, Cartoon Network has its own internal censorhip board, and the upcoming Adult Swim block is uncharted territory. A lot of the editing will be determined by the network's carriers as well as Adult Swim's intended (and actual) audience.

Media Blasters

MB announced that Berserk is shaping up for a February release, although nothing more was said on the matter

Viz Video

At the Industry Trends Panel, Viz said that Ranma 1/2 season 1 will be coming to DVD soon, and to expect a formal announcement in a few weeks.

General Anime Company News

When asked about an All-Anime Channel, Matt Greenfield responded that talks had occurred several years ago, but could not comment on the status of the project currently. Mr. Greenfield cited numerous problems that need overcome before such a channel could exist.

Amongst the questions that could easily be raised are: What its target audience would be? Dub or sub? Would it be a pay channel or a free cable channel?

Music Video Contest

Five styles of Music Videos were accepted this year; here's the winning information from each:

Memories Dance
"The Mummer's Dance" by Loreena McKennitt
Anime: Various (Studio Ghibli)
Vlad G. Pohnert

Love is Flowers
"Hit Me" by Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa (covering Britney Spears)
Anime: Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Nathan Bezner

"This Is Your Life" by Dust Brothers with Tyler Durden (from the Fight Club Soundtrack)
Anime: Dragon Ball Z
Scott A. Melzer, Lukas Chen & Terry Tao

"Happy Boys and Happy Girls" by Aqua
Anime: Various
A. T. Chang

"Right Now" by Van Halen
Anime: Various
Doki Doki Productions

Anime News Network congratulates everyone who entered and made this a great Music Video Contest!

Closing Thoughts

Although it's preliminary, the "Sharing" panel at the end of Otakon cited over 10,000 members this year. A final number should be available shortly.

I'd also like to salute Griffin Waldau, who used his own fanart and animation and did a music video to a Vivaldi Concerto. That, Mr. Waldau, is incredible, and you deserve high praise for your excellent work and innovation. Thank you for your music video.

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