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Anime on DVD's Sean Broestl sent them a report of Manga Entertainment's panel at Na Desu Kan. Manga screen a short premiere of the Envangelion movie dub. The current expected release dates are January 2002 for the VHS version and March 2002 for the DVD.

DVD features will include dub outtakes, character bios, and some dub outtakes, (not all) of the info from the red cross booklet). A double disc case will be used to accommodate the large booklet. Audio will be 5.1 for the English, and they are trying to get 5.1 for the Japanese track. The price will be $29.95.

Reports from the convention indicate the dub compares favorably to the TV series dub, and those who have seen the movie will get a kick out the scene between Shinji, and Asaka at the beginning of End of Evangelion.

Manga is trying to arrange an interview with director Hideaki Anno, it will be done 3rd week in October.

The two significant Evangelion movies are "Death and Rebirth", and "End of Evangelion". There are other movies, but they amount to re-cut versions of these two. The first half of "Death and Rebirth" is a summary of the first twenty four episodes of the television series with new footage for transitions. The second half of the movie the beginning of its new conclusion. Nerv, the organization that employed the mech Evas to battle invading angels in the series is assaulted by the Civil Defense Force. The first part of "End of Evangelion" is the second part of "Death and Rebirth." The second part of end of Evangelion is the conclusion to the series.

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