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For our Japanese-proficent readers, e.Goo (Entertainment Goo) has posted a number of new anime previews online, including Noir, Earth Girl Arujuna and Argento Soma. Additionally, e.Goo and Studio Gonzo have joined forces to release a televised and streaming anime series called "I Wish You Were Here".

"I Wish You Were Here", or "Project-i" is a new animated work done by the production staff of Studio Gonzo.

A preview is available at the site above in Windows Media or RealPlayer formats for 56k, 100k, or 300k connections.

A partial, rough translation of the "Program" section of the Project-I preview site states:
"On TV first or on the Internet first!? Each story has first exposure through mixed media.

Our country's first "Project-i" broadcast!

Spiral Broadcast:
- On the Internet/Entertainment Goo: 10/12 (Friday) Streaming Begins! There will be a new story every Friday!
- Television/On KIZZU Station's "Anime Paradise" 10/4 (Thursday) broadcast begins!"

Additionally, a partial staff list has been translated (Please note, the names are in their original Japanese order):

"Director: Mizushima Seiji
Series Composer: Takahasa Natsuko
Character Designer: Ooshima Yasuhiro
Mecha/Creature Designer: Ebikawa Kanetake
Distribution: Media Factory, G.D.H"

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