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posted on 2001-10-03 08:13 EDT
Dates for Cardcaptor Sakura, 08th MS Team, uncut Kite, Love Hina, and more

Right Stuf has indicated the following release dates
The Adventures of Mini-Goddess 1: The Gan Files - 2/12 29.99 100 min
Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. #7 - 1/15 - 29.98 100 min
Cardcaptors Vol. #7 - 1/15 - 24.98 75 min
Cleopatra DC - 1/29 - 29.95$ 150 min
Gate Keepers Vol. 3: Infiltration - 1/15 - 29.98$ 75 min
Gundam 08th MS Team Volume 4 - 1/22 - 24.98$ 75 min
Kite Director's Cut - 1/29 - 29.95$ 60 min
Koihime 1 - 10/19 - 24.95$
Koihime 2 - 10/19 - 24.95$
Love Hina 1 - 2/19 - 29.98$
Niea Under 7 Vol. 4: Under Seven Blues - 2/12 - 29.98$ 75 min
Vandread 1: Enemy Engaged - 1/15 - 29.98$ 100 min

The Adventures of Mini-Goddess is a super deformed (big head, small body) take on the romantic comedy Oh! My Goddess. It primarily states miniature versions of the young technologically include Skuld, and the mischievous seductress Urd, along with a rat named Gan. The third goddess Belldandy also makes appearances. The 15 minutes episodes usually involve the goddesses tormenting Gan, ie marrying him off to a tea kettle, or parodies of pop culture such as Godzilla or the recent medieval anime series Berserk.

Love Hina is a romantic comedy about a boy living with a strange group of girls in a boarding house while attempting to pass the entrance exam into a prestigious college.

Cardcaptor Sakura is the Japanese audio version of the CLAMP magic girl series about a young girl who must tract down and capture the mystical spirits that inhabited a pack of cards. Cardcaptors is the English dubbed version of the series. The cute character design, odd relationships and stories that range from very humorous, to emotional has made fans of those who normally do not enjoy magical girl series, or series with such an intrinsic merchandise tie-in.

Gate Keepers is Studio Gonzo's (known for their CGI working on series such as Blue Submarine no 6) morality tale of super powered children and strange invaders in the 1960's.

Niea Under 7 is a strange comedy by Serial Experiments Lain character designer Yoshitoshi ABe about an odd couple of a responsible girl and her flighty alien roommate.

Vandread is a CGI work by Studio Gonzo about a man working on a mecha assembly line in a society where there is a civil war between men and women. See the official Vandread site at

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