Metabot "CD Cardz" to be released for Christmas Season

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Rectangular, collectible "cards" include artwork, official bios, "Robattle" stats and animated footage for use on PCs and Macs

Metabot "CD Cardz" for PCs and Macs are on their way.

The four-character CD Cardz set will feature each Medafighter and their Medabots: "Ikki" & "Metabee", "Erika" & "Brass" and "Koji" & "Sumilidon" �$B!&�(Bas well as their arch rivals, "The Screws", a gang of less-then-friendly classmates. Each CD card comes fully loaded with artwork, official bios, "Robattle" stats and animated footage.

The premiere 4-card set of Medabots CD Cardz will be available November 22, 2001 in stores and at and will retail for $19.95. Serious USA will continue to release sets of "CD trading cardz" based on the television series for the next two years. Produced by Serious USA, CD Cardz are the latest in portable and affordable hi-tech, entertainment products at a price point comparable to DVDs, games or music CDs and marks the introduction of digital collectibles without the headaches of additional software and hardware installation. The rectangular CD-ROMs - similar in size to a baseball card�$B!&�(Bare both Windows and Mac compatible.

Earlier in the year, Serious USA also released CD Cardz for Columbia Pictures�$B!&�(Bcomputer-generated breakthrough film Final Fantasy featuring virtual heartthrob "Aki Ross" �$B!&�(Bas well as cards for 20th Century Fox�$BCT�(B Planet of the Apes.

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