Excel Saga Cast

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Anime on DVD forum dwellers have managed to figure out the majority of the English cast for Excel Saga.

The forum dwellers have a game going where they guess the Voice Actors used for ADV films, and ADV staff confirm any correct guesses.

So far the confirmed list is as follows:

Excel - Jessica Calvello
Ilapalazzo - Jason Douglas
Misaki Matsuya - Tiffany Grant
Great Will of the Macrocosom - Kelly Manison
Menchi - Hilary Haag
Hyatt - Monica Rial
Cosplay Excel - Cynthia Martinez
Nabeshin - Brett Weaver
Pedro - Rob Mungle
Watanabe - Jay Hickman
Iwata - Mark Laskowski
Kabapu - Mike Kleinhenz
Puchuu VA #1- Kira

This leave three chracters with unknow voice actors/actresses; Sumiyoshi (apparently ADV staffers David Williams and Andy Kent are "fighting it out" for this part), Rikdo and Puchuu #2.

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