Excel Saga Cast

posted on 2001-11-24 16:33 EST by Christopher Macdonald
Anime on DVD forum dwellers have managed to figure out the majority of the English cast for Excel Saga.

The forum dwellers have a game going where they guess the Voice Actors used for ADV films, and ADV staff confirm any correct guesses.

So far the confirmed list is as follows:

Excel - Jessica Calvello
Ilapalazzo - Jason Douglas
Misaki Matsuya - Tiffany Grant
Great Will of the Macrocosom - Kelly Manison
Menchi - Hilary Haag
Hyatt - Monica Rial
Cosplay Excel - Cynthia Martinez
Nabeshin - Brett Weaver
Pedro - Rob Mungle
Watanabe - Jay Hickman
Iwata - Mark Laskowski
Kabapu - Mike Kleinhenz
Puchuu VA #1- Kira

This leave three chracters with unknow voice actors/actresses; Sumiyoshi (apparently ADV staffers David Williams and Andy Kent are "fighting it out" for this part), Rikdo and Puchuu #2.

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