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More Viz graphic Novels for February

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Aqua Knight Volume 2, Fushigi Yugi Volume 6, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Volume 3 and Marionette Generation Volume 2

In addition to the recent Press Releases for Ranma 1/2 volume 19 and Video Girl Ai volume 4; Viz has also sent out press releases for Aqua Knight Volume 2, Fushigi Yugi Volume 6, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Volume 3 and Marionette Generation Volume 2; all to be released in February.

Excerpts from Press Releases:

Marionette Generation Volume 2: Pulling Strings in February 2002. As part of the extensive Viz Comics line, this black and white, 136-page graphic novel retails for $14.95 U.S. ($24.00 Canada).

In this issue, an old flame of Izumi's, Kozue, decides to crash at Izumi's apartment, much to Kinoko's irritation. With Kozue staying at Izumi's apartment, can Lunch pretend that she's just an ordinary inanimate doll? The mystery behind the origin of Lunch and her powers keep Izumi awake at night.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079, Volume 3, the latest graphic novel installment of Kazuhisa Kondō's manga adaptation of Japan's most popular and revolutionary giant robot series ever. Part of the Viz Comics line, this volume of Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 features 184 black and white pages for only $9.95 U.S. ($16.00 Canada).

No longer able to handle the pressure of piloting the Gundam prototype, Amuro deserts the Federation carrier, White Base, with the Gundam and sets out on his own. But when Sayla finds him unwittingly sitting in a dusty ghost town bar with ace Zeon pilot Ranba Ral, the two get themselves into a situation they will soon regret. Then, Ranba Ral's forces infiltrate the White Base, beginning to destroy it from the inside out! In the White Base's hour of need, will Amuro return and regain the will to fire at the enemy?

Fushigi Yugi, Volume 6: Summoner. Currently featured in Animerica Extra, Summoner is the sixth graphic novel in the continuing series by Yû Watase, the acclaimed shôjo (girls' comic) writer and artist, and features 200 black-and-white pages for $15.95 U.S. ($25.95 Canada).

In this volume, Miaka is distraught over the apparent loss of Tamahome and the trouble she's caused Suzaku's warriors, so she attempts to drown herself, only to have Hotohori come to her rescue. Meanwhile, Tamahome returns to Hong-Nan to complete his original
mission — kill the priestess of Suzaku! Do any of the celestial warriors have the strength to stand up to this skilled martial artist? And when the seven constellations assemble, will they be able to summon Suzaku?

Aqua Knight, Volume 3, the conclusion of Yukito Kishiro's epic story of adventure on the high seas. This black and white graphic novel comes in a 240-page, square-bound format and retails for $16.95 U.S. ($27.50 Canada).

In this volume, Aqua Knight Ruliya of Perla finds mad scientist Alcantara and demands a duel to free her squire, naïve young Ashika, from Alcantara's clutches. But Alcantara is no average villain, and a flashback reveals his incredible past, along with his true relationship with his minions, Zycrow and Zykey. Can Ruliya's years of training and experience save her from the whims of this genius conqueror? The ultimate battle is on...

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