New Anime for 2002

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A list of New Anime to be released in Japan in the coming months.

TV Series

G-on Riders
Begins airing on summer 2002
Story: In the future, aliens attacks earth. A Japanese genius scientist developed a super weapon called G-on against the aliens. It reacts to adolescent girls' mind, and special glasses are needed for them to use G-on as its adapter. Glassed pretty girls' fight begins.
Directed by KIMURA “Hand Maid May” Shin'ichiro

Aquarius Age
Begins airing at TV Tokyo network on January 10th, 2002
Based on the trading card game of the same title.

Weiß kreuz Glühen
Begins airing at Kids Station next March
The final series of Weiß kreuz series

Honoo no Mirage (“Mirage in Flaming”)
Begins on January 7th, 2002, airs at 8 p.m. on Mondays
Based on KUWAHARA Mizuna's same title novel
A Japanese high school boy who is reincernation of a warrior in the middle age fights against the villains

Ai Yori Aoshi (“It's more deep blue “)
Begins next spring
Based on Fumitsuki Akira's manga serialized in Young Animal
Directed by SHIMODA “Seiber Marionette J” Masami
Story: A young boy Kaoru is a son of a superrich family Hanabishi. He left the family and was living alone. But his fiancée Aoi appears and decide to live with him. The watchwoman Miyabi and her friends also appear. Their strange life begins.

Oja-Majo Doremi Dokkaan (“Troublesome Witch Doremi Kaboon”)
Begins on February the 3rd
Airs at TV Asahi network at 8:30 a.m. on Sundays
Doremi's fourth series

Kakuto Ryori Densetsu Bistro Recipe (“The Legend of Fighting Cooking Bistro Recipe”)
Begins on December the 11th
Airs at NHK Satellite 2 at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays
Based on the manga Bistro Recipe serialized in Comic Bombom
Story: A boy bistro Zen fights against enemies

Begins next spring
Story: A adolescent story. A 8th grade pupil Miu likes piano-playing. Her teacher realizes her hidden musical talent.
Character design by FUJISHIMA “Oh, My Goddess” Kosuke

Bakuten Shoot Baybrade 2002 (“Explosive-Turning Shoot Baybrade 2002”)
Begins on January the 7th
Airs at TV Tokyo network at 6 p.m. on Mondays

Original Video Animations

Shiritsu Arasaki Koto-Gakko Seitokai Shikko-Bu (”Arasaki Private High School Student Council Executive Department”)
Two volumes
The first volume will be released by Tokuma Publishing and Mobick on March the 29th
Based on the same title manga
Story: Masahito and Minoru are members of the executive department of the student council. They are given broad powers to maintain punlic peace and order at the school. They are rough but have a strong sense of justice.

Gatekeepers 21
Six volumes
The first volume will be released by Pony Canyon next spring

Lupin the Third Ikiteita Majutushi (“The Magicial Alive”)
The sequel/spin-off to an episode of the first Lupin series


Exdriver the Movie
Original story by FUJISHIMA “You're Under Arrest” Kosuke
Car action story
Opens next spring

Turn A Gundam I.Chikyu-Ko II.Gekko-Cho (“The Earthlight” “Moonlight Butterfly”)
Re-edited version of Turn A Gundam series
Opens on December the 9th

WXIII Kido Keisatsu Patolabor / Patlabor WXIII
New Patolabor movie
Opens on May the 30th

Palm no Ki (“Palm's Tree”)
Story, screenplay and directed by NAKAMURA Takashi, best known as the animation supervisor of Akira
Story: A robot boy Palm's adventure to become a human
Opens next spring

Toei Anime Fair 2002
(two One Piece movies and a Digimon movie)
Opens on March the 2nd

Doraemon -- Nobita to Robot Teikoku (“Nobita to Robot Empire”)
Opens on March the 9th

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