Guardians of Order launches Creator-Owned division

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Big Eyes Small Mouth company launches new division that will publish creator-owned materials including Anime based games.

Guardians of Order (GOO), the publishers of Anime based role playing game Big Eyes Small Mouth (BESM), have announced the creation of a new creator-owned: Magnum Opus. Magnum Opus will publish products based on GOO's Tri-Stat game system. There are already more than one Anime based product coming out under the imprint, "Swords, Hearts, and Flowers: The Art of Shoujo" and "Epoch Restoration."

Official GOO Press Release:

Guardians Of Order, Inc. proudly announced today the formation of Magnum Opus, their new creator-owned role-playing game publishing imprint. The new line, which Guardians Of Order will produce, distribute, and administer on behalf of their creative partners, will feature core rulebooks and game supplements developed under license for the critically acclaimed Tri-Stat System.

Three new game companies -- La Mancha Games, Phile, and Primal Utterings -- concurrently declared their intentions to produce products for the Magnum Opus imprint. Guardians Of Order also announced that they are currently negotiating with several other companies to publish Magnum Opus titles in 2003.

"Magnum Opus is an important milestone for the adventure gaming industry, and for our company," said President Mark C. MacKinnon. "The imprint will offer publishers access to our distribution channels and Tri-Stat System player network, while they maintain creative freedom and control over their copyright and trademarks. We created Magnum Opus, Latin for 'great work,' after carefully considering the needs of both the independent creators and the industry consumers. This professional creator-owned imprint is an ideal publishing alternative for many companies, and we are thrilled to bring this innovative concept to the role-playing market."

Guardians Of Order also announced that Magnum Opus publishers can license any variation of the Tri-Stat System for their products. This includes D6 Tri-Stat, featured in the Big Eyes, Small Mouth anime RPG, and D10 Tri-Stat, which debuts in July 2002 in the new superhero RPG, Silver Age Sentinels. Upcoming Magnum Opus products announced today include:

Fourth Millennium (La Mancha Games) -- The science fiction techno-thriller role-playing game, created by industry veterans James Maliszewski and Kevin Brennan. Fourth Millennium debuts in late 2002.

Swords, Hearts, and Flowers: The Art of Shoujo (Phile) -- A vivid and concise guide to incorporating Shoujo (young girl) elements into any RPG campaign. Releasing in late 2002, this handbook features writing by Genevieve R. Cogman and Alex Williams.

Epoch Restoration (Primal Utterings) -- A heroic anime science fiction campaign universe that unravels a saga of information overload and genetic damnation. Epoch Restoration premieres in summer 2003.

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