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Noir PR

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
ADV Films continues to hype their upcoming release of Noir. Today's press release unfortunately makes no mention of a date, but does say that Noir will be released on 6 volumes, DVD only.

Excerpts from Press Release:

ADV Films is proud to announce the acquisition of the rights to release the hit anime series Noir on home video. ADV plans a six-volume, DVD-only release for this much-anticipated title.

Directed by Kōichi Mashimo (Dominion Tank Police) from scripts by creator Ryoei Tsukimura (El Hazard), and featuring an acclaimed soundtrack by composer Yuki Kajiura (Blood: The Last Vampire), Noir was an immediate hit with Japanese fans after the series' TV Tokyo debut on April 15, 2001. Noir has already built a strong fan base in America, as anime fans have been purchasing available imported Noir merchandise like CD soundtracks, trading cards and art books while waiting for an announcement regarding the series' stateside release.

"The fans have literally been screaming for Noir," said ADV President John Ledford. "And they've literally been hounding our reps on the internet for any information on our release ever since the word first leaked out that we had it. Not that that's so surprising, since everything about Noir - from the engaging story and characters to the dynamic animation and sophisticated soundtrack - combines to form a completely euphoric sensory experience. In many cases where a show has this kind of hype, the show itself often has trouble matching the advance buzz, but Noir not only surpasses the hype; it blows it away with a couple of high-powered hand guns, then digs a hole, drops the hype in and shovels dirt on top of it."

In Noir, the beautiful and renowned assassin Mireille Bouquet receives a mysterious e-mail beckoning her to "make a pilgrimage to the past, with me." Intriqued by the cryptic message, and the attachment that plays a haunting music box melody, Mireille travels to Japan to meet the source of the email: Kirika Yuumura, a quiet young girl well-versed in the killing arts, with no memory of her past. Together, the young women form an uneasy alliance as the assassin duo "Noir," in an effort to uncover Kirika's background, as well as her links to Mireille's own troubled past.

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