Studio ArtFX announces Shadowskin

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New independant, Anime inspired animation by the creator of Understanding Chaos.

Terrence Walker has announced the availability of his latest Anime inspired animation, Shadowskin. Unlike his previous title, Understanding Chaos, Shadowskin is a complete OAV episode, running aproximately 30 minutes (Understanding Chaos was a 5 minute trailer for an unproduced animation).

Excerpts from Press Release and website:

Studio ArtFX, Inc., announced the release of the U.S. anime title, Shadowskin - Valley of Time on DVD. This latest release from the studio, helmed by independent animator Terrence Walker, marks a break from the short film format of Understanding Chaos and their first forray into the Japanese style OVA (Original Video Animation) format. The DVD is available for order today at for only $14.99US. A brand new trailer for this latest independent animation effort can be seen at:

A man with no past is forced to open the door to an uncertain future. Known only as Patient X, he finds himself in possession of a seemingly miraculous suit of combat armor which the military seems more than willing to kill for. Alone and on the run, X must uncover the secret that connects his unknown past to his turbulent present, and connects his ancestry to a force known only as the Shadowskin!

• Total Run Time: approx. 75 minutes
• Feature Run time: approx. 30 minutes
• Rated 13 & up
• Digital audio and anamorphic video
• NO Region encoding (plays anywhere)
• NTSC, Color, Animated, Dolby

Special Features:
• Deconstruction (tutorial on character animation, particle FX and compositing)
• Cast Interview
• Wireframe to scene comparisons

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