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Otakon 2002: Pioneer Panel

posted on by George Phillips
Details about the titles licensed at Anime Expo...

Although no new titles were announced, several announcements containing release information were made.

For a listing of the previously announced titles, check the Pioneer Panel report from Anime Expo.

- Hellsing volume 2 will be released in September. Volume 1 just came out July 23rd.

- The release of the first volume of Vandread: Second Stage will also include a box for all eight volumes of the series, including the four First Stage volumes.

- X TV series will be released starting in September on eight DVD's.

- "Master Keaton", a relatively unknown 39-episode anime series about a half-Japanese, half-English Gulf War veteran working as an insurance investigator, has been confirmed. Pioneer has tentatively set the title for release early next year, perhaps March 2003.

- The first volume of Gainax's MAHOROMATIC will be released in January, 2003.
It is not known whether Pioneer has the rights to the second Mahoromatic series, due to air on Japanese TV in the fall, or the Mahoromatic Special episode which consisted of interviews with the production team.

Other release schedules:

Tenchi Muyo!: Mihoshi Special (also three episodes of Pretty Sammy on same
disc) - October
Armitage III OAV - October
Magical Project S (sub-only DVD) - November
Ai Yori Aoshi - Feb. '03
CHOBITS - March '03
Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar - Spring '03
Sakura Taisen movie - '03, also with a theatrical release
Patlabor Movie WXIII - '03

The Gatekeepers 21 OVA series will be released on two DVD's.
The Fushigi Yuugi: Eikoden OVA will be released in November '02 with a
limited-edition mini-pencilboard.
A box set of Hand Maid May, to be released at an unspecified future date, will include a collectable figurine and liner and background notes to the series on CD.

Previously, we implied that the new Yoshitoshi ABe project involving angels would be a Pioneer-licensed title. This is not yet the case. The show, whose title is "Hibane Renmei", is not yet licensed by Pioneer. We apologize for the confusion.

(asst. written by Mikhail Koulikov)

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