CPM to Dub Remaining Gall Force

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
New English Dubs for GF 2, 3 and Rhea, DVD "Clean-Up" for GF 1

Justin Sevakis and Tim Wayland of CPM have stated that fans can look for Gall Force 1 (Eternal Story), 2 (Destruction), 3 (Stardust War), and Rhea Gall Force on DVD next year.

They plan to produce English dubs for Destruction, Stardust War, and Rhea Gall Force, which had previously been released subtitled-only.

Eternal Story had previously been released on DVD by CPM (with an English dub). However, they are planning on doing some clean-up on the new DVD, similar to what they did on Project A-Ko, but not to the same extent.

CPM currently has no plans for the other two Gall Force series (Earth Chapter, New Era) nor the Super Deformed parody, Ten Little Gall Force.

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