Anime Influences on TV and at the Movies

posted on 2002-09-18 12:01 EDT by Christopher Macdonald
Two readers have written to inform us about Anime "cameos" in "One Hour Photo" and "Everwood."

Ryan Zetlin writes us about One Hour Photo:

According to a few moviegoers who saw "One Hour Photo" staring Robin
Williams, there are several scenes in the movie where anime references are

There's a kid who ask for an Evangelion Figure.

There's another kid who shows off his Zaku II [from Gundam] master grade model.

There's a bunch of Hello Kitty plushes scattered through a few scenes.

Is anime finally infiltrating into Hollywood?

Meanwhile, David Simoneaux has this to say about Everwood:

If you caught the season premiere of Everwood on the WB network on Monday, you would have been pleased to see a main character played by Gregory Smith, who loves Anime and Manga. In one scene, the teenager sports a Ranma 1/2 T-shirt. Later he has a dream sequence where he discussed the beauty of Manga to a potential girlfriend. He also has dyed hair ranging from purple to red.

You can check out WB's Everwood site here.

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