Fanime announces 2003 Guests

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Yoshimatsu Takahiro, Yasuhara Reiko, Akitaroh Daichi.

Excerpts from Fanime PR:

We are happy to announce that many great guests are coming to join us for 2003. Just today, character designer/animation director Yoshimatsu Takahiro (Trigun; Jubei-chan) let us know that he will be coming! Joining him are seiyuu/singer Yasuhara Reiko (Now and Then, Here and There, Fruits Basket) and director Akitaroh Daichi (Now and then, Here and There, Child's Toy).

Not only are guests coming from Japan, but also from across the U.S. Voice actress Rebecca Forstadt, voice actor Matt K. Miller, and author Gilles Poitras will also be attending our convention!

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