ADV Releases Details of Their Original Production "Mutineer's Moon"

posted on 2003-02-12 12:26 EST by Garry Berryhill
ADV has announced their upcoming title "Mutineer's Moon", a 26 episode series based on the books of science-fiction writer David Weber. The show is remarkable in that much of the production work is being done in-house by ADV.

Inspired by the success of his company in the anime markets of both the US and Japan, Matt Greenfield of ADV has decided to create his dream project: an animated adaptation of David Weber's Dahak Trilogy.

The Dahak Trilogy is a series of American science fiction novels focused on an intergalactic war. The first book, on which the upcoming animation will be based, begins with the discovery that the Moon is actually an alien battleship.

ADV PRO, ADV's in-house production team, will handle the lion's share of creative duties. Concept art and storyboards will be done by the team of Chad Townsend, Chris Anderson, Sedone Thonguilay and Ted Galaday. Animation work will be done by unannounced overseas studios. Lead writer for the series is Matt Greenfield.

The series' promotional website hosts a discussion forum, profiles of the creators, and mecha and character designs.

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