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Gundam Wing actors together for First Time.

Anime Boston has sent out a press release today announcing that they have confirmed the five Gundam Wing pilot voice actors as guests for their 2003 convention. The actors, Kirby Morrow (Trowa Barton), Ted Cole (Chang Wufei), Mark Hildreth (Heero Yuy), Scott McNeil (Duo Maxwell) and Brad Swaile (Quatre Winner) will be present at the Boston convention being held April 18-20th at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

According to Anime Boston, this is the first time that the five Gundam Wing voice actors are together at the same convention.

Other confirmed guests include Tiffany Grant, Jamie McGonnigal, John Barrett, Steve Bennet and Robert DeJesus. For more details on their complete guest list, visit their website at

All five Gundam Wing actors, along with Midorikawa Hikaru, the Japanese voice for Heero, will also be present at Anime North in Toronto, Canada in May.

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