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Most Cosplay in a Japanese Movie


The new live action Cutey Honey is set to come out in Japan sometime next year and will be directed by Hideaki Anno of Gainax fame, the part of Cutey Honey will be played by 21-year-old Eriko Satou. Filming on the project started on the 10th of July.

In the anime, during Cutey Honey's transformation, her breasts are visible. Anno says that there will be one transformation scene in the movie, "The transformation is one of the higlights. Please look forward to it," but gives no hints as to what it will be like.

Anno says that the film will contain the most cosplay in a Japanese movie. Before her first transformation, she is known as office lady [OL] "Kisaragi Honey". Policewoman, Waitress, and Bike Racer are only some of the approximately 30 outfits she will wear throughout the film. There's also a sexy masquerade scene.

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