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posted on 2004-04-02 15:10 EST by Christopher Macdonald
With the new season starting up, official websites and trailers for the newest anime TV series are becoming available.

TV Tokyo has placed a number of trailers for its new shows online here. The website lists the titles, along with their premiere dates. In order from Left to Roght, Top to Bottom:

April 1 - Aqua Kids
April 1 - Kenran Butou Matsuri The Mars Daybreak
April 1 - Saiyuki Reaload Gunlock
April 3 - Dadoh!
April 3 - Sgt. Frog
April 4 - Soreike! Zukkoke Sanningumi
April 4 - Marshmellow Times
April 4 - Doki Doki School Hours
April 5 - Get Ride! Amdriver
April 6 - Mutsu Enmei Ryu Gaiden Shura no Toki
April 6 - Mirumo (?)
April 6 - Ragnarok The Animation

The bottom of each trailer page also has a link to TV Tokyo's official website for the show.

Other official websites (without Trailers) include Gigantor (Tetsujin 28), Madlax, Card Captor Sakura

And Animate has a trailer for the next Tales of Phantasia episode here.

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