Geneon Launches the Geneon-Spot

posted on 2006-10-26 11:13 EDT
Website and Fan-Club to offer Exclusive Content to Members.

Geneon Entertainment has launched the "Geneon Spot," the official Geneon fan-club. Currently, the center piece of the Geneon Spot is a website with exclusive content related to Geneon properties. Right now it has, 3 exclusive Ergo Proxy wallpapers, Ergo Proxy episode 1 streaming free, and some pictures from the first ever Geneon Talk radio podcast session. Registration is required.

Chip Carter, Geneon Spot Fan Club Administrator, says that the Geneon Spot fan club will be more than just a website. "Members will receive a membership card and stuff." Carter explains that the membership card will actually have some purpose, "We want to take that a step further and make it such that members can get extra stuff at conventions." Although specific plans have not been laid out, a cocktail party, open to Geneon Spot members only, with an anime creator at a convention, is an example of the type of events they might have.

"The reason we're doing this is because we want to open up a direct channel to our fans. Most anime companies have a lot of fans working for them. At Geneon we really feel that we are "for fans by fans" and our production staff wanted a more direct contact with fans. We welcome that kind of feedback, at convention we can only take so many questions."

Come January 1, a paid membership will offer more content, however there will always have a free component offering news, information and give feedback. "But we feel that we will be offering some things of really cool value, and that costs money."

The official name is "Geneon-Spot" not G-Spot, however it is jokingly called that by the administrators. Carter is quick to emphasise that it has nothing to do with pornography.

The first Geneon Spot Talk Radio podcast session is currently available on iTunes.

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