Gainax and Animate Introduce Evangelion Drinks

posted on by Evan Miller
"Don't Drink This" Coffee and "LCL" Orange Juice goes on sale on April 12th

On April 12th, fans of the legendary Gainax series Shin Seiki Evangelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion) will have the chance to "drink" the anime as well as watch it. Gainax, Movic and retail store Animate have announced that they will be selling special cases of Neon Genesis Evangelion soft drinks. The drinks can be purchased at Animate stores or from the EVA store on the Gainax website.

The drinks will be sold as individual cans and in cases of 6 cans for 945 yen (about 8.50 US Dollars). The cases include two cans of black coffee with "Don't Drink This" printed on the can, three cans of "LCL" Orange Juice, and a coin bank as an added bonus to people who buy the case.

The printing on the case box includes images of Gendo Ikari saying "If you're going to drink, hurry up. Otherwise, go home!" and Shinji Ikari saying "I don't even know what's in it! There's no way I'm drinking this!" The quotes and pictures are a parody of a famous scene from the first episode of the anime featuring main character Shinji and his father Gendo.

Images of the cans and case are available here.

Source: MYCOM Journal

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